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Portfolio Data

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This section contains data for Franklin Capital Group and its sponsored real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Portfolio
Sponsored Properties: 120
Market Rate Only: 25
Tax-Advantaged Only: 87
Mixed Economic/Tax: 3
Other: 5

Property Type:
Multi-Family: 110
Commercial: 1
Mixed: 4
Other: 5

Construction Type:
New Construction: 25
Substantial Rehabilitation: 62
Moderate Rehabilitation: 28
Other: 5

Geographic Distribution:
Northeast: 8
Mid-Atlantic: 53
South/Southeast: 34
Midwest: 17
West/Southwest: 8

Franklin Capital Group Role:
Investment Banker: 120
Developer: 33

Market Rate Portfolio
Sponsored Properties: 30
Apartment Units: 4,200
Development Cost: $350,000,000

Tax-Advantaged Portfolio
Sponsored Properties: 90
Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC): 81
Historic Tax Credit (HTC): 2
Mixed LIHTC/HTC: 7
Apartment Units: 10,500
Development Costs: $950,000,000