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Committed to value added, relationship based real estate investment and development We seek to build strong, long lasting relationships with our investors and developer/manager clients. To create value for and develop long lasting relationships with our clients through creative thinking, attention to detail and hard work.

Management Activities

Asset Management

Franklin Capital Group provides asset management for all investments sponsored by it through our professional staff. Because many of the properties sponsored by Franklin Capital are financed and/or operated under government programs, Franklin Capital has special expertise in government program compliance. The asset management services include close investment monitoring on behalf of, and periodic reporting to, our investor clients. Franklin Capital also assists and advises our developer/manager clients on property management and ownership issues when necessary, including assistance with budgeting, reporting, mortgage issues, refinancing analysis, tax and financial issues, tenant issues and federal or state regulatory issues. Franklin Capital asset manages all properties in the portfolio on behalf of our investor clients.

Financial Management

Franklin Capital Group manages the finances of the numerous investment partnerships and other entities sponsored by it. The financial management services include the receipt, interim investment and disbursement of capital and cash distributions of the investment entities, bank and investment fund relations, financial statement and tax return review and management, and tax and regulatory reporting. The finance group also works closely with the asset management group in reviewing the financial statement and tax return reporting for sponsored properties.

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