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Committed to value added, relationship based real estate investment and development We seek to build strong, long lasting relationships with our investors and developer/manager clients. To create value for and develop long lasting relationships with our clients through creative thinking, attention to detail and hard work.

Investment Criteria

Franklin Capital Group both develops (or co-develops with local partners) residential rental properties and invests in real estate (primarily residential rental properties) developed by local developers/managers. We sponsor properties that generate primarily tax benefits, economic profits or both. Generally, all sponsored properties must satisfy the following criteria:

Value Added Opportunities. Ideally, the properties must afford Franklin Capital the opportunity to add value through the expertise of our professional staff. The opportunity for our asset management team to work closely with our local developer/manager partners is particularly important to us;

Relationship Building. Franklin Capital has built its franchise on repeat business with its local partners and others. The opportunity to grow relationships and develop repeat business is a major factor to us;

Investment Opportunities. If the transactions involve investment in properties developed by local developers/managers, the local partners must have strong track records and sufficient financial resources to get the job done;

Co-Development Opportunities. If the transactions involve co-development opportunities, there must be a fair allocation of risk and reward between the local partners and Franklin Capital. We specialize in joint venture transactions and take pride in our ability to adopt creative structures that recognize the unique contributions of the joint venturers;

Location. Although Franklin Capital will consider properties nationwide, our focus is on the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions;

Property Type. All multi-family property types will be considered, although Franklin Capital favors acquisition of existing properties requiring value-add rehabilitation (moderate or substantial) and respositioning;

Economic Properties. Properties in this category must afford the opportunity for strong economic returns from current cash flow and/or sale and refinancing proceeds over a 5 to 10 year holding period;

Tax-Advantaged Properties. Properties in this category must benefit from low income housing tax credits (LIHTC) and/or historic rehabilitation tax credits (HTC), with some economic benefits on a case-by-case basis. These properties often involve longer holding periods (typically up to 15 years); and

Underwriting Standards. The transactions must satisfy Franklin Capital's due diligence and underwriting standards. Although we bring a flexible and entrepreneurial approach to the business and look for ways to solve problems and get deals done, we focus hard on investment quality and safety.

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