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Committed to value added, relationship based real estate investment and development We seek to build strong, long lasting relationships with our investors and developer/manager clients. To create value for and develop long lasting relationships with our clients through creative thinking, attention to detail and hard work.

Finance Activities

Equity Finance

Franklin Capital Group makes real estate equity investments both with our own funds and on behalf of our investor clients. Franklin Capital has a large group of investor clients, including several banks, financial services firms and insurance companies, and serves as primary investment banker for several of our investor clients. Franklin Capital arranges for equity investments by investors in qualified properties nationwide. Whether investing our own or investor client funds, Franklin Capital's objective is to ensure investment quality and safety. Franklin Capital has successfully placed over $500 million in equity from over 60 institutional investor clients in 120 investment properties in 23 states with a development cost of nearly $1.3 billion.

Bridge Lending

Franklin Capital Group has substantial credit facilities which enable us to finance investment acqusitions prior to the admission of investors and to bridge finance large portions of deferred investor equity payments for properties which we finance or develop. In addition, these facilities can be used, in certain cases, to make interim bridge or pre-development loans to third-party developers/managers for properties that meet competitive loan criteria and for which Franklin Capital has been engaged to arrange long-term equity capital. Franklin Capital has made and/or arranged over $200 million of equity bridge loans in connection with real estate investments sponsored by it.

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