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Committed to value added, relationship based real estate investment and development We seek to build strong, long lasting relationships with our investors and developer/manager clients. To create value for and develop long lasting relationships with our clients through creative thinking, attention to detail and hard work.

Development Activities

Property Development

Franklin Capital Group serves as a developer of residential rental properties. Franklin Capital often engages in such development activities through joint ventures with local developers/managers, including non-profit organizations, who can benefit from Franklin Capital's financial resources and the expertise of our professional staff. As developer or co-developer, Franklin Capital is capable of managing all facets of real estate development, including land use planning, architectural and engineering review, financing procurement, construction management, lease-up and government relations. Franklin Capital also provides pre-development capital and makes the guarantees which are required to obtain investor equity and mortgage loan financing. Franklin Capital has served as developer or co-developer of 33 residential rental properties with over 3,000 apartment units and a development cost of over $300 million.

Advisory Services

Because of the legal, accounting and real estate backgrounds of several of Franklin Capital Group's professionals, we are able to provide a wide range of advisory services to our developer/manager clients, thus enabling those clients to leverage on Franklin Capital's expertise. Such services include hands-on assistance with government agencies (particularly for affordable housing), assistance with development budgeting, assistance in procuring mortgage loan financing, feasibility analyses and financial modeling, and advice on all facets of transaction structuring and problem solving in order to maximize investment value and safety. This approach to real estate investment reflects Franklin Capital's "value added" business profile.

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